Ukulele Chord Chart – Ukulele Chord Chart for Beginners – Your First 3 Chords

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So you’ve got your first ukulele for beginners and the you want to play some songs! The first 3 chords you should learn are the C F and G chords.  You master these 3 simple chords and you’ll be playing a variety of songs in no time!

Before we get started lets look at the ukulele itself. It has 4 strings. Hold the ukulele and starting from the bottom string (closest to the floor) we have the A chord, then moving up next is the E chord, then C, then G. The G string/chord being closest to your face if you’re holding the ukulele correctly.

ukulele chords string Ukulele Chord Chart   Ukulele Chord Chart for Beginners   Your First 3 Chords

Now you may be thinking that you can just strum the one string to create the chord sound however you don’t get the same beautiful sound as you could playing just one string, which is why you learn to play chords with all strings holding your hand/fingers in the correct positions for different the different chords.

Follow this chord chart on where to place your fingers on the ukulele then strum! Easy – you’ve played the chord!

Ukulele Chord Chart for Beginners - C, F and G

ukulele chord chart cfg Ukulele Chord Chart   Ukulele Chord Chart for Beginners   Your First 3 Chords

The C Chord - Place your ring finger on the A string on the third fret and strum. The A string being the string closest to the floor and the third fret being the third section from the top which is seperated by grooves on your ukulele.

The F Chord – Use your pointer/index finger (the one next to your thumb!) and place it on the E string (2nd from the floor) on the first fret. Place your middle finger on the G string (closest to your face!) on the second fret. Stum and you’ve mastered the F chord!

The G Chord – Use your middle finger placed down on the A string (closest to floor) second fret. Place your pointer/index finger on the C chord (second from the top of the ukulele) second fret. Finally place your middle finger on the E chord (second from the floor) third fret.

You may need to go through each of these over and over again until you’ve learnt them all. Once you know them off by heart try switching between each chord.

Here’s a little exercise I like to try:

play C F G 

then C G F

then FCG.. and so forth




Play this strumming up and down more than twice for each, as you get better strum just once in a nice steady 4 beat pattern tlil you can strum seamlessly between each chord moving fingers and making beautiful ukulele sounds.

Once you’ve mastered moving between the C, F and G chords seamlessly you’ll be able to tackle many real songs EASILY!

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