Ukulele for Beginners – How to Hold a Ukulele

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Today on Ukulele for Beginners I’m going to teach you how to hold a ukulele, so don’t just sit there go grab your ukulele!

You can be sitting down or standing up it doesn’t really matter. Whatever is comfortable for you.

Next step – hold the ukulele against your chest with your forearm almost gripping the ukulele at the top edge. Make sure your strumming hand is able to reach the 12th fret from the top.

Cradle the ukulele (meaning to give it support) and use your index finger to strum (the finger next to the thumb!)

With your left hand hold the ukulele in a pistol like form (vice versa if you’re left handed)

Don’t strum near the hole of the ukulele. As I mentioned before you want your strumming hand to be able to reach the 12th fret of the ukulele as this is where you will be strumming from. I know it seems odd but strumming from there makes the best sound and also makes holding and playing the ukulele much easier.

Go beatles style and hold the ukulele right up high on your body, this helps with the cradle position and to hear the ukulele better as you play along.

To see if you’re holding the uke correctly you should be able to remove one of your hands and the uke should stay exactly where it is.

Practice holding with just one hand (for right handers your right hand, put your left hand behind your back and just practice holding the uke without the ukulele slipping) remember to cradle the ukulele (keeping support at the bottom).

When you’re actually playing you’ll have your other hand as support too when playing the chords.

Try and find a style that suits you and that you’re comfortable with. This is just a guide to get started if you’re unsure of how to start holidng the uke.

If you are sitting you can rest the bottom of the ukulele on your leg.

Here are a couple of youtube videos showing how others are holding the ukulele while standing and while sitting.


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